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We are finally in a position to hire!!

With the help of feedback global and their Green Futures programme we are looking for our first intern. We are ready to expand our wonderful team, at the Community Cooking and Wellbeing Kitchen at our new HQ. This role is split between Khepera CIC and Empower to Cook CIC, both social Enterprises working to improve food education within the local community and Buckinghamshire.

Working with Khepera you will gain a lot of knowledge, skills and experience to help you into the world of work. Both roles will be varied fun, and no two days will be the same. As small businesses we have the advantage of being able to provide learning in many areas such as marketing, social media, purchasing (procurement), and general administration - for those interested, they can also learn about starting and building a business.

This is a paid role and includes one day training with feedback every fortnight.

The ideal candidate is : -

*passionate about the environment

*interested in the impact food has on the environment

*keen to help people reduce their impact on the climate

Does this sound like you, or somebody you know? Aged between 18 and 25 years old? Then please share or apply for the role before Monday the 10th October 2022.

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