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Another Epic year at the Farm

Over the years, food waste has become a pressing global issue. The environmental and economic implications are vast, further exacerbating the challenges of climate change and global hunger.

In 2019, via an initiative known as the Gleaning we began an ambitious journey to address this problem, alongside our friends at Feedback Global. Here's a closer look at the remarkable strides made by this project in 2023, demonstrating the potential for productive change in our communities.

The Scope of Our Impact

This year, through the Gleaning Project, we managed to save over 2 tons of produce from being ploughed back into farmland. That's a whopping 2441 kilograms of produce saved from going to waste! But our impact doesn't stop there. We didn't just save produce; we transformed it into meals, feeding thousands of people in the community. We saved enough produce to make the equivalent of over 30,512 meals. This brings the total to 4.16 tonnes since we started recording weights in 2021. That's thousands of meals that otherwise wouldn't have existed, a testament to the power of repurposing and recycling food rather than wasting it.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Our efforts didn't just help to feed the community; they also made a significant dent in carbon emissions. By saving and repurposing produce, we were able to prevent 2100.2 kilograms of carbon from going back into the atmosphere. That's the equivalent of driving from Cornwall to Edinburgh and back about four times! This reduction in carbon emissions is a critical step towards mitigating the effects of climate change and creating a more sustainable world.

Impact on the Community and the Environment

By reducing food waste and carbon emissions, the Gleaning Project 2023 has had a profound impact on both the community and the environment. We have shown that it is possible to use what we already have more effectively, rather than continuously generating more waste. Our project has not only provided meals for thousands of people, but it has also contributed to the fight against climate change by significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on the success of the Gleaning Project 2023, we are filled with hope and optimism for the future. The results we achieved underscore the potential for significant change when we rethink our relationship with food and waste. By continuing to glean, save, and repurpose, we can make a substantial difference in our communities and our world. Here's to reducing food waste, feeding our communities, and creating a more sustainable world, one gleaned vegetable at a time.

To do this we are expanding our outreach to South Oxfordshire & Berkshire, sourcing a vehicle and premises in South Bucks for storing and sorting produce.

If you or anyone you know can help us expand this fabulous initiative please contact 

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