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NEW INTERN ALERT | Rosie Maunder

In December I started working with Charmaine at Khepera as part of the Green Futures Internship Program. I was drawn to the internship because of its focus on food sustainability, plant-based cooking and improving community health. It also looked like a great opportunity to learn about running a social enterprise and gain practical working skills.

My interest in food sustainability

After becoming aware of environmental and climate change issues from a young age in my local environment and also on a global level, I became compelled to start acting on it through photojournalism, online campaigning and talking with others. Quite quickly I realised the devastating role the global food system played in adding to environmental pressures and depleting natural resources. The food system then became my focus and has been for the last 6 years. In October 2022 I finished my master’s in Food Policy and was ready to take on work in the food system space.

The internship so far…

Since December I have assisted with communications and marketing, aiming to increase Khepera’s social media following and engagement. We have put together a marketing plan for the new year, to raise awareness about the workshops being held at the community kitchen and increase participation. The main aim being to improve community health and nutrition by giving people the confidence to cook tasty nutritious meals and giving them the tools, resources and reasons why eating well can have so many positive knock-on effects.

In mid-January I helped organise and run a two-day Veganuary outreach event, it was a great success and we spoke with many curious High Wycombe residents about veganism. Later in January, we attended the community climate café, which was great. There was a good turnout of people who enjoyed Charmaine’s delicious healthy plant-based buffet and listened to her talk about her journey with veganism and Khepera. I also spoke a little bit about my journey with veganism and why food is arguably one of the most important ways to improve our health, address environmental issues and reduce animal suffering.

So far in February, my main focus has been on marketing and social media planning and content creation. However last week I helped out at a half-term youth project where we showed young teens how to put together a buffet and engaged with children around the ideas of veganism. I also assisted with cooking and delivering meals to Wycombe food hub as part of a new partnership project to transform food waste into healthy nutritious meals.

What's next…

I am enjoying my internship with Khepera and feel extremely grateful to of had the opportunity. The internship has felt very fitting to my interests and has exposed me to lots of new learning and development opportunities. I am excited to see what is in store for March and Khepera and hope to keep working in the food sustainability and community health space!

If you are interested in reading more of Rosie's views please read her recent article for the Sustainable food trust.

Rosie Maunder

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