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Looking at the bigger picture we all know that improved well-being is needed worldwide, we aim to help a global mission of healthcare improvement by supporting our local community. We do this by sharing our skills and knowledge of healthy, plant based, vegan cooking and food.

Regardless of age, gender, race or social status – we run project to support community health:-


Our love of fresh local ingredients has also led to our involvement with national charities working towards food sustainability, reducing food waste and food poverty across the UK. With our connections to local farms, we have managed the Gleaning project in Buckinghamshire since 2018.

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Sustainable food – redistribution of gluts at farms reducing food waste



With a team of volunteers, we visit farms across Buckinghamshire, harvesting their surplus crops. We have visited Peterley Manor Farm, Horwood cherries, Bucksum farm shop, but since beginning in 2018 we have visited Copas pick your own farm in Iver, every year. We collect a wide range of crops, beetroot, courgettes, marrows, beans, spinach, pumpkins, and sweet corn, all of which are re distributed into the community via local charities and community groups providing food to those who need it.

Food waste is one of the main contributors to climate change, be it household waste, commercial waste from retailers or bulk waste from producers we are on a mission to help reduce the impact we have in Buckinghamshire on the climate. Gleaning helps to reduce wasted water, time, effort and raw materials whilst improving food sustainability.

Our aim is to glean throughout the year, redistributing perfectly edible food that would be wasted or ploughed back into the ground-and making it accessible to people who may not be able to afford fresh ingredients.

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