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Image by Megan Thomas


This truly is our bigger picture!


Health improvement is a worldwide issue, and we are only starting with Buckinghamshire. Health inequalities due to poverty and race all increasing, through our work and being present in at local, national discussions we aim to be a voice and petition for improved health, at government level.

Starting by collaborating and partnering with local, purpose driven organisations we will create a network of support and change in the community. Working with the various sectors children, adults and families to reduce health, food inequalities and our collective impact on our environment - we hope to create a model that can be replicated in other communities across the UK and beyond. It is important that we, being from the local community, remain connected to the people; understand the issues people face and adapt according to their needs.

Our wish for the future is increased community support, improved individual management of health leading to a healthier community, for us to all lead happy healthy lives in a cleaner and healthier world.

Since becoming established in 2015 we have regularly collaborated and partnered with over 50 local businesses – forming a network of community focused professional, all passionate about supporting people

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