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Community Cooking Class


Khepera - Eygptian for "Transformation"

CIC - Community Interest Company, a social enterprise that supports and uses all profits to support the community...

 We call ourselves a "profit for purpose" company.


Having suffered for 13 years with un-diagnosed stomach pain, undergoing several investigative surgeries - founder Charmaine Fyffe decided to take control of her health through complementary therapies.

Nutrition, in particular the plant based diet, helped relieve all pain - this led to studies as a Naturopathic Nutritionist.

The desire to help other people realise how much they can do for themselves to improve their health was the reason for starting Khepera CIC in 2015.

Running and working on various projects for the community, with a team of volunteers, Khepera has been helping :-

  • Young people

  •  Vulnerable young single adults

  • Families  and

  • Corporates

Charmaine Fyffe
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