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We believe that too many people are suffering mentally, physically and emotionally – unnecessarily. Our bodies being the greatest machine on earth, have such huge capabilities to heal, given the right conditions. We’ve all been there…. We know a certain food makes our mouth tingle, doesn’t settle quite right when digested, we feel lethargic, have regular headaches, migraines, stomach aches or the anomaly that is IBS…. Sound familiar? These are all signs that the body is reacting to stress, caused by food or our lifestyle – which is starting to impact our health! Our body gives us little signals, which we mostly ignore until it escalates to the point where it cannot be ignored, by then we have developed a condition.

Imagine a world where we all had the knowledge, skills and confidence to listen to our body, and make the necessary adjustments to make a permanent, positive change – it could start with our health but then other areas too…finances, housing, employment, relationships.

This is the world we dream of daily, and this is the world we are working to create. If we don’t start with self, how can we build the skills necessary to overcome other challenges throughout our lives? We believe with skills and support, anyone can make a change – as long as they are ready to start the journey!

We do this by supporting adults in the most stressful environments – at work and at home.

BACK ON TRACK - Community

Our aim for adults through our Back On Track programme is to help improve lifestyle related conditions, primarily Metabolic Syndrome!

High rates of high blood pressure obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the main causes of premature death… well across the globe. But in Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe has the highest rate of premature death by cardiovascular disease in the county - all these conditions can be easily reduced, managed and, in some cases, completely reversed through lifestyle changes.

Health inequalities based on cultural or social background, is an area we are passionate about.

Just imagine how many lives could be improved, premature deaths prevented, how much public money could be saved – just by sharing skills and knowledge, and truly supporting people to transform their lives.

Back on track is unique as it shares practical cooking skills, supports mindfulness by recognition of patterns, support devising a plan of action including the steps to making the mind shift... vital to making positive, permanent changes in our lives.


BACK ON TRACK – Corporate

As employers we can only build a successful business, if we nurture and build a happy, healthy workforce.  Do we ever really know how business or departmental targets and deadlines impact stress levels of individuals?


Stress of life impacts work and vice versa, this is why we believe it is important that we support people in all walks of life.


Our corporate programmes are aimed at improving individual wellbeing, team strengthening - building a happy, wholistic company.


*Individual Wellbeing - depending on the size of your company we can run company or team wellbeing days. With a team of complementary professionals we will visit your premises, sharing tools and techniques to easily improve nutrition, stress and general wellbeing whilst busy at work or home.


*Team Strengthening - Come Gleaning... Do you have a CSR policy? Not only can you incorporate your CSR policy into our Team Glean Days, our activities help to strengthen individuals and teams. 


*Corporate sponsorshipSupporting our work either through practical or financial business support - enables us to provide more projects and workshops in the community.

Your sponsorship directly supports members of the community in need, providing a ROI (return on investment).

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