Empowering people to improve their health, holistically and naturally is our mission.

We aim to help the community, regardless of income or age, improve their lives by first addressing health issues and managing areas that affect health.

Providing information, strategies, foods and products to improve wellbeing…. as we believe that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and life.

The widespread effects of poor nutrition on mental and general health are an international issue.

Good health is vital to our ability to cope in stressful situations, and at Khepera we aim to re-educate members of the community on the body, vital vitamins and minerals for the individuals and their families.  Increased knowledge, self-awareness, self appreciation & confidence increases our ability to cope with stress......... empowering individuals and the community.

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Our mantra is “It takes a village to make a change"

 Our holistic approach means that we realise making permanent changes involves looking at more than just the "obvious issue".

. We can access existing local services & resources, improving community interactions, and ensuring that full support is provided. 

Everyone has talent and a life purpose!

There are many talented members of the community who are able to help & support others, but may not have the confidence or opportunity to use their skills – we want to find these individuals, from
carpenters to counsellors, and give them the opportunity to gain experience, obtain references and
testimonials by providing services through Khepera.


Our events bring the community together, creating a social event but also a place to connect with
likeminded others or those with similar conditions – improving our community awareness & interaction.

Mainly volunteers, our staff are people who have the skills and a true desire to assist others in turn improving the community where we live.

We encourage those who have successfully completed one of our improvement plans, to mentor others or
attend events to talk about their journey – again boosting confidence of the individual and those wishing to
start the plan. We want to ensure that the majority of our volunteers gain skills that can help them in their
own personal journeys, so that they are still receiving something in return for the time.

Professional but welcoming to all members of the community regardless of status or income, our staff treat each person as a valued individual.  After meeting any of our staff or using our services, members should feel encouraged that we are focused on doing our best to help them through their situation