improving LIVES....IMPROVING the community.

WITH staff and volunteers who have

the desire and skills to HELP others

Enhance your business, admin, catering, therapy skills or learn & show others how to make tasty, healthy, vegan and allergy free foods!


There are many talented members of the community who are able to help & support others, but may not have the confidence or opportunity to use their skills –  from administrators to zumba teachers, we want to work with members of the community, give them the opportunity to gain experience, obtain references and testimonials... at the same time helping us on our mission to improve community health.

We encourage volunteers to mentor other volunteers, boosting confidence of both mentor & mentee - a vital step on their personal journeys.

 So, whatever skills you have or want to develop, we welcome you to the team.  All we ask for.....are volunteers who are consistently focused on doing their best to help others and Khepera grow.