IT Takes a VIllage to make a change

 Our holistic approach means that we realise making permanent changes involves looking at more than just the "obvious issues".

We are building relationships with existing local services & resources - improving community interactions, to ensure that people who come to us  can receive full support. 

Everyone has talent and a life purpose!

There are many talented members of the community who are able to help & support others, but may not have the confidence or opportunity to use their skills –  from administrators to zumba teachers, we want to work with members of the community, give them the opportunity to gain experience, obtain references and testimonials by providing services through Khepera.


Our events bring the community together, creating a great social atmosphere but also a place to connect with likeminded others or those with similar conditions – improving our community awareness of health & reducing health related reclusive tendencies.


We are not-for-profit or as we like to say PROFIT FOR A PURPOSE.  Every penny we make in profit will be invested into the community.

Your donation, large or small, is really appreciated as it help us to help others!!! Thank you.